Sicilian Dynasty by Daniela Di Benedetto.
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Sicilian Dynasty by Daniela Di Benedetto.

Antonio's unresolved feelings about his brother set the stage for this story full of twists and turns.

While everybody else's emotions evolve over time, Antonio's keep him trapped in his complicated past, making him unable to live in what could be a very pleasant present. He becomes vulnerable to the machinations of his beautiful but dissatisfied young wife and cunning nephew.

Here the depths of the psyche are reflected against the backdrop of twenty-five years of Sicilian history, where the rustic Mafia gives way to the new Mafia of the illegal construction trade as a new generation sheds the ethos of their ancestors.

Daniela Di Benedetto has spent most of her life in Palermo, where she studied music and earned a degree in humanities. Originally published in Italian as L'Erede, this is her first novel to be translated into English. Daniela Di Benedetto represents the new wave of Sicilian fiction – from authors born and bred in Sicily – that is making its way beyond Italian shores.

Trinacria Editions - New York & Palermo